ERPNext Awesome search 'complex' query expressions?

Many thanks @Martin_Seibert for your time and hosting this group learning session today

Martin’s next hands-on intro to wiki editing (in real-time collaboration!) is January 28, if you wish to sign up and join us. (I will need to sort out my outbound audio problems!)

Here on the wiki @rmeyer notes this query expression example that github supports: Search · is:pr is:merged user:frappe user:erpnext author:mseibert author:barredterra · GitHub

My question is - possibly what ‘complex’ or compound query expressions does ERPNext’s Awesome search bar support?

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Actually the “awesome bar” is far from awesome. Unless you strip away the search feature. We’ll most likely replace searching with Google Cloud search one day …

By the way: It’s been a honor to see you participate, @clarkej. It must have been early morning for you.

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Thanks Martin nah not so much early but a chilly minus 28 C here today - in the 40s with the wind chill - so maybe just hibernating lol

For sure the secret sauce to ERPNext progress is thanks to the throngs of folks in the hinterland round the planet who share and give back, and that is Awesome.

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We would have to argue about what the term “hinterland” involves. But if you’re referring to everything outside silicon valley and VC backed then I am all with you.

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