ERPNext Awesomebar Missing

Hi all. So I have an interesting problem, I had a development server for working on my custom apps and testing new versions of ERPNext. It had been initially setup on Ubuntu 18.04 nearly a year and a half ago and was working fine. I decided to update to 20.04 since I would like the production server to be on 20.04 before we officially go live in January for the sake of having OS support for the longest possible period before needing to update. My problem is that when I updated to 20.04, everything broke- which I suppose makes sense since there will be more dependencies than I could account for after such a large update. So I proceeded to recreate my VM with a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04 and the install went fairly smoothly, however, the Awesomebar is missing. There are no errors, and I have run “bench update” multiple times in case there are any missing files and still no joy. If anyone knows of any dependencies that may be missing, or knows how to fix it, I would be extremely grateful.

For reference, the branch I’m using for Frappe and ERPNext is version-13.

When creating a test site locally, I faced the same issue.

This issue happened because of some issues with the bench build.

Ensure bench build works fine without any errors. When you open your site in browser, open browser console and ensure there are no errors.

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Hi. Thank you for your response. Sorry for taking so long to reply, I have been busy with the year end accounts. I tried bench build and it completed without any error. There are no errors in the browser console either.

My apologies, I have discovered what my issue was. I was navigating to the site using a bookmark, this made me skip the setup page. Note to self, when recreating a site- make sure to not use a bookmark.

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