ERPNext - Bank Account Different Currency

Dear All,

Is it possible to maintain Bank Account for Different Currency ?

For Example, Base Currency USD, But Need to Maintain Bank Account for Other Currency too… Please suggest.


This features is coming in version 5

Hi Mehta,

Thanks. I understand recently Version 5 is released. Can you confirm this feature is available ? I could not find this feature. Please confirm.


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This feature is not yet available, but will be available in the coming weeks depending on priority.

Hello @rmehta, might I inquire as to the status of this request? It seems to me like something that should be a fundamental part of erpnext. If one has to get it specially developed, what would that take?

Hoping to get on this next week though.

Please let us know if this feature of maintaining Multiple currency bank accounts is available now

@pyarmmd Yes its available , Frappe Cloud