ERPNext BIR / Bureau of Internal Revenue Registration (Philippines)

Hi Good Day, We are planning to use Erpnext as our ERP system here in the philippines. Does anyone have an idea specially erpnext user in the Philippines if erpnext is capable to BIR registration?.

and by the way BIR required sworn statement and proof of system ownership? since this is an open source application how can we declare it?.

Thanks in advance

My friend have the same problem when he made a Pharmacy System using ERPNext. (He cancelled his project, due to registration problem also).

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oh that’s a big problem then. hopefully someone here knows if there are other things to work on.

Hi yhenn,
We are also thinking of using ERPNext for our company (events management) and I am under the assumption that you are referring to something like “RMO-9-2021 Annex A” (since this is commented on 2022, the actual requirements might have changed).
I am under the assumption that the proof of ownership can be defined as:

  1. If you will build the system from scratch (ie. setting up your own servers or renting a VPC), then you could assume the ownership of that specific machine. However, I don’t know if you could also say that you “own” a VPC as it is only exist virtually (ie. no/shared hardware is technically unownable)
  2. If you will use Frappe’s cloud service, then it might require joint affidavit. I doubt that this can be given by Frappe, as some providers I’ve asked have a hard time understanding BIR’s requirements.

If I have the time, I could ask our local BIR office then I’ll get back to this.

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