ERPnext Bulk returns solution as per UAE standards of trading and business

Why is there no solution for Bulk returns, our business requires this too, currently we have setup ERP next for a retail environment, but for retails in the UAE it is imperative to have a bulk return module in ERPnext, this is because if the clients have a lot FIFO exit system and then if there is no invoice number mentioned for the returns it becomes a time consuming process to search out the invoices for the locations of the client and then process a return, which will make the system unproductive.

temporary solution which has a problem:
the only work around i percieve was to have our customers set as vendors seperately with an identifier as returns along with the name and then follow a purchasing process for each locations and for each of the vendors set a chart of accounts for returns under sales account and set the type to a payable or expense account as our accountant has suggested and then make a bulk purchase order and create a print form for Return order and process the purchase against the customer we have sold the goods to and similar customization is done for purchase receipts printout form as Returns receipt and then we design a report in the accounting purchase invoice screen which should have a column with purchases done against sales made and filter the table using the customers name.

The problem:
This is well and good but problem rises to track the returns for which payments are made and for which payments are pending for the above solution.

Now i have thought of this much, and i see a possibility and the resources with you ERPnext guys for a solution to this problem:

Maybe you guys could replicate the purchase order screen for a returns module with option of against invoice and against products in ERPnext and assign the required accounts for it in the chart of accounts and map the returns doc to those chart of accounts by default, then create a report in the returns module that shows the customers and the returns with payment pending and payments paid against the items returned.

Guys of ERPnext, its been a year since this issue was raised, do you guys plan on doing something about bulk returs or you just going to tell me you guys are still reviewing it and if you are reviewing it where is the beta version for it in ERPnext???

Please do fix the bulk returns issue, in UAE you have FOCUS with their new erp system that allows this function and odoo finds it easily customizable for the businesses, if you guys take longer to fix this you will have a significan lag against your peer companies.

why i’m so concerned is cause we are gonna be using your system over Odoo for next year, and please dont reply if you are going to tell me you guys are still reviewing, tell me what you guys are reviewing about it.


Hello. It would be good if you hire an expert company to do your customisation. Even Odoo would need lot of work before it becomes production ready.

There are many service providers in UAE and around the globe.

sure thats true, but this is a prime requirement in the region and also it has been addressed before and so, one of you said its under review but then whats the solution you have come up with as of now, currently i have found a work around for this using the report builder in finding out the location and item using a report and making a sales return on the sales order for the location.

You are getting nowhere but are not constrained to a single source provider.

One obvious option is to win support from others who share your passion, to initiate and develop this collectively

I have found a solution within the designed system, Bulk returns can be made by using the sales invoice where we can enter the products being returned with minus qtys. as the quantity being returned ( for example apple qty: -10) and mention the customers shipping address which will be where the returns arefrom and in the purchase order section the return number of the customer can be entered and then select the default warehouse for each items as the returns warehouse created in the system and later these returns can be transfered to the desired warehouses after quality check. to update the stock the check box update stock in the invoice has to be selected.

now a module already exists as a sales invoice, what i meant to say is that ERPnext org. can just duplicate this module as a returns module modify the names to match a return order and make a returns module within the system.