Sales/Purchase return for different UOM and bulk return

I have 2 requirements which seem pretty generic.
firstly how to make bulk returns?

we get multiple items from multiple Purchase invoices/receipts from a single supplier,
Stock quantity is large so the products are generally checked during selling.
at that time we discover multiple products to be returned to the same supplier that may have been brought through many invoices.

How can i make a common bulk return to that supplier for those items? currently system does not allow.
same for sales invoice.

Secondly ,i can not make return in a different UOM than sold or brought.
I have conversion rate set for Boxes and Units ,
default UOM being Unit.-- now i sold items in Boxes ,

e.g each box has 10 units and i changed the UOM while selling and sold 2 boxes - in system stock its recorded as 20 Units sold (Right till here),
Now customer returns 4 Units out of 2 boxes,
So i make return from invoice and UOM is unit and enter as -4 but the system doesn’t allow as negative stock cannot be more than 2 .

But 2 were boxes and these are 4 units.-- so returning 4 from 20 should be possible but error.

This seems more like a BUG as the system doesn’t recognize the UOM and only the value in qty field while it should consider actual quantity.

Please Suggest or implement for both scenarios,

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To make open return, you can use stock reconciliation tool and transfer unnecessary item to stock adjustment account. From there you can make a JV to post necessary debit/credit note for supplier and customer.

If i make stock reconciliation i will have to know and check again the balance and rate for each item after i make the return, and then calculate the cost price for all the items returned ,then create a jv accordingly ,

.Also it wont reflect in reports as returned and if the supplier decides to pay for returns later ,it wont show as well…-

It becomes much more work and error prone than actually going in each invoice and making return.

At the time of making stock reconciliation the available qty and valuation rate is already apperaing in stock reconciliation. U can also adjust the grid to bring them on top view.I dont think it involve any extra calculations. However u r right that it is not a proper return procedure but an error free work around.

There are a few other complications with this approach -
stock reconciliation will make the stock final as of the day created,
Any back dated entry will not effect stock, but thats often not the case , there maybe few back dated entries after reconciliation as late delivery or missed entering a delivery note in system.
But that all aside , the greatest drawback is that i will not be able to track the returns ,
i will not have any idea of how many items i returned to supplier how many times or whether he has yet to pay me for some returns etc…reporting.

Even if the UOM conversion is solved i can manage creating from individual invoices …
UOM should be proper

@nabinhait , @umair,
extremely sorry to explicitly comment , but different UOM conversion is a big issue for me…
If you sell in boxes (10unit for each) , then return comes in unit you cannot make return,
even though in actual sold 10 units by selling 1 box as per stock UOM , i cannot make return for 4 units as invoice only sees sold qty and not actual.

please comment on same, as well as bulk if option.

Really thankful,

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Please create a github issue for the same.


And for bulk return


Hello ,
Any update on the same , there hasn’t been any reply on this issue despite offering for a paid development .
I’d rather have it contributed to the core rather than a freelancer.

I think its also a pretty common useful thing which can benefit a lot of ERPNext users.


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Why is there no solution for Bulk returns, our business requires this too, currently we have setup ERP next for a retail environment, but for retails in the UAE it is imperative to have a bulk return module in ERPnext, this is because if the clients have a lot FIFO exit system and then if there is no invoice number mentioned for the returns it becomes a time consuming process to search out the invoices for the locations of the client and then process a return, which will make the system unproductive.

temporary solution which has a problem:
the only work around i percieve was to have our customers set as vendors seperately with an identifier as returns along with the name and then follow a purchasing process for each locations and for each of the vendors set a chart of accounts for returns under sales account and set the type to a payable or expense account as our accountant has suggested and then make a bulk purchase order and create a print form for Return order and process the purchase against the customer we have sold the goods to and similar customization is done for purchase receipts printout form as Returns receipt and then we design a report in the accounting purchase invoice screen which should have a column with purchases done against sales made and filter the table using the customers name.

The problem:
This is well and good but problem rises to track the returns for which payments are made and for which payments are pending for the above solution.

Now i have thought of this much, and i see a possibility and the resources with you ERPnext guys for a solution to this problem:

Maybe you guys could replicate the purchase order screen for a returns module with option of against invoice and against products in ERPnext and assign the required accounts for it in the chart of accounts and map the returns doc to those chart of accounts by default, then create a report in the returns module that shows the customers and the returns with payment pending and payments paid against the items returned.

Guys of ERPnext, its been a year since this issue was raised, do you guys plan on doing something about bulk returs or you just going to tell me you guys are still reviewing it and if you are reviewing it where is the beta version for it in ERPnext???

Please do fix the bulk returns issue, in UAE you have FOCUS with their new erp system that allows this function and odoo finds it easily customizable for the businesses, if you guys take longer to fix this you will have a significan lag against your peer companies.

why i’m so concerned is cause we are gonna be using your system over Odoo for next year, and please dont reply if you are going to tell me you guys are still reviewing, tell me what you guys are reviewing about it.


We also face the same issue. Sales return only checks quantity. It does not consider UOM at all.