ERPNext Business plan to start a new Business Unit

Dear Community,

I have been tasked to develop a Business plan to start a new Business Unit in our software company which will exclusively provide ERPNext as a solution. We have our existing pre-sales and sales teams so based on financial projections we will grow as we get more business.

To write the same I need some guidance in terms of the following,

  1. Market analysis (India)
  2. To begin with what should be the minimum team size
  3. How many Frapper developers / Python and ERPNext front-end developers will be required
  4. What is the general experience we should seek in terms of the number of years
  5. How much does it cost in terms of CTC for a team for 4-6 based on point 3 above.
  6. Any other inputs or feedback.

Do let me know it will be very helpful.
Thanking you in advance,

You have not really provided enough information for any fellow implementer to assist you with your plan development.

For example:

  • If you intend to focus the business activities on distribution clients, then you will likely require far less resources than if you were to also wanting to setup manufacturing clients because the manufacturing workflows are usually much more complex and require a thorough study of the client manufacturing methods before setting up a ERPnext configuration.

  • If you are focusing on Hospitals and Doctors offices then there will be regulatory requirements to be met with the implementations that may require specific talent on your own staff to guide those tasks.

  • If your business focuses on retail sales clients then you may need a very different set of experts on staff to better configure the system to suit the demands of a constant flow of sales data. This will likely also require some people to write the many custom reports your clients will need to better track specific kinds of sales.

  • If your business focus is on Agricultural clients, then you will need staffing that has such educational background and experience that will be able to help the clients.

  • If you want to have a ERPNext business that services all of the above client types and others not mentioned, then your staffing requirements will be even greater.

One of the basic tenants of a business education is to have a good understanding of the actual business itself. Just being good at databases, or reporting, or spreadsheets will not be sufficient to actually run a business.

At this point, your inquiry seems more like a first year business school quiz that is intended to weed out the part of the class that will never really be good at business anyway. The questions you ask cannot really be answered unless there is a great deal more information to better frame the intent of the question.



Thank you, @bkm have understood what you mean and will do the needful.