Erpnext Can be Support Warehouse for Sort out different Quality of Onion and Potato

We can Implement ERP Next on a Onion and Potato Warehouse, where Onion and Potato are Sorted out and Export to different countriesare sorting out

First let me welcome you to the community. Please read everything you can on the warehouse subject. Use the search function on the forum to help you. Here is my best guess at what you are attempting t do and a possible method for doing it.

If I understand you correctly, you are seeking to sort your onion and potato inventory into different quality grades in order to make it easier to ship certain quality of each to different countries.

If that is what you are trying to do, then try the following:

  • have all raw (unsorted) potato and onion stock received into 2 separate warehouses as unsorted.

  • Convert any received shipments from weight (kilo’s) into volume (bushels, or crates, etc) in order to better reduce the accounting problems later of dealing with the water weight that the inventory will lose simply by being exposed to the air over time.

  • Create warehouses for each grade of potato and onion that you wish to use for the sorting.

  • Sort and transfer your inventory from the unsorted warehouse to the grade specific warehouses and try to dispose of the rotted or damaged inventory during the sort process. All transfers should be in the new volume unit of measure and not by weight.

  • You can ship from the sorted warehouses and use a report to tell yuo how much inventory is available in each warehouse.

  • The same hold true for the unsorted warehouse. Once one of them has been emptied into the grade specific warehouses, you can use the same report to determine exactly how much was transferred out. Any remaining balance was then attributed to a separate "waste"warehouse so that it can be written off in the accounting module as losses due to damage or rot.

The separate warehouses helps you t keep the accounting accurate.

Work orders can be used to mange the sorting process.

Hope this helps.