cloud users - are u on v11 already?

I believe upgrading the ERPNext instances on the cloudhosting service to a new version is the last step before a new ERPNext version is being officially released.

  1. is that a correct assumption?
  2. can you cloud users of com check whether your instance has been upgraded to v11 yet? I heard somewhere this was in progress already (forgot who mentioned that though, so I might be mistaken)

I read from Frappe that about 50 users had been upgraded to V11 already probably at least a month ago

But there is still a good number of bugs being reported that depending on their importance they may wish to get fixed before release.

In the recent conference I think someone at Frappe joked that it would be Christmas before it was released.:grin: My take on it is that Rushab is very keen to get a good stable release out with much more structured testing than previously done.

V10 was released on Dec 25th last year as far as I remember.

I have two instances of ERPNext hosted cloud. One is my production environment and it is still on v10. My test instance is on v11 at my request so I could work out all the customizations and bugs. My understanding is they plan to put everyone on v11 in the next few weeks so by end of year.