ERPNext Commercialization

Will ever ERPNext will go as a proprietary software? I mean, will ever the foundation revoke their GPL3 license terms and completely go as a closed source application? just curious …

I dont think it will ever be a closed source since the reason ERPNext was created was because odoo became closed source. ERPNext going closed source would defeat the purpose of the split

Please any dev correct me if im wrong

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ERPNext is an independent project and has nothing to do with Odoo.

The code that is available today and being improved, will always be available as GPLv3. As long as there are contributors, volunteers and maintainers, this project will survive.


Thank you so much for the responses guys.

it’s great to read such comments and yes of course, as a keen ERPNext user/developer we will strive our best to support the project as long as we can. Thank you once again for such a great product @rmehta

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I think it has something in similar with odoo. Those two came from the same parent ERP dont they?


I don’t know whether you know this or not. Rushabh Mehta is the original founder and developer of ERPNext. it was an independent project. later he made it opensource and released the code for public use. ERPNext has nothing to do with Odoo and it is completely a different project. it was openERP and later they re-branded as Odoo. As for me (and thousands of others) ERPNext is much superior than Odoo, easy to use and easy to code.


No both code bases are separate and have nothing (intended) in common.