ERPNext Community links broken

I tried posting a job on a while ago, and woke up to many bids, but went to click on them and recieved “Page missing or moved”

Assuming all of the bids were retracted, (but still visible in the list for some reason) I went to delete the job, and was given two errors consecutively

“Frappe Job [my username] not found”

Its working perfect here check your internet settings and clear your cookies may be it is blocked at your end.

Click on Forum after this link open

Ruchin Sharma

Bizarre, I tried using a different browser, device, and clearing cookies.

Still unable to delete job or click on bids that are listed.

@saurabh6790 can you please check?

@superlack a few days back we have pushed a fix for broken bid pages. Can you share steps, it will help us reproduce the issue at our end.

@superlack We have pushed a fix, please check and let us know.

Awesome, the bid links work now, but the delete function is still broken it looks like.

Steps taken:
Login, my account, jobs by me, click job, “delete” button at top

That produces the error mentioned on my end

@superlack Thanks for reporting the issue and sorry for the inconvenience. We will fix this on priority and update you asap.

Thanks for looking into it! No sweat over here, just wanted to let you guys know. Cheers

edit: also just noticed that when viewing a self-posted job, clicking “Edit Job” throws an error (Page missing or removed)

Viewing job in the list and clicking the “Edit Job” button works though