ERPNext Community Meetup Chennai @ 21 April 2018

Dear Community,

Its been a great pleasure that, we successfully conducted first ERPNext Chennai Chapter Meetup,
We Recieved 7 RSVPs and finally 5 Attended.

  1. @nagarajan
  2. @karthikeyan5
  3. @hereabdulla
    and 2 more people

Meetup started @ 3.30
Discussion held :

  • Initially @Basawaraj_Savalagi participated through Video Conference,given intro about Foundation and its future Plans
  • Each of us shared our own ERPNext Implementation Experience
  • We had 2 Zoho One Package Users they shared about their views on Zoho Packages
  • @nagarajan had a plan to try ZOHO and compare with ERPNext and if we found something Interesting we will try to contribute the same from Chennai Chapter
  • Planned for another Meetup in End of May

@hereabdulla nice to see you taking lead in this :slight_smile:

Let us start with few members for now ,but slowly Chennai chapter will stat to grow.


Looking forward to attending this. can you set a tentative date (or date range) so that people wanting to attend can discuss and make plans here.

BTW I am an ERPNext Developer and came across ERPNext just 5 months ago, and have completed an implementation just Yesterday. Hoping to learn from the Experienced members of ERPNext Community at the Meetup.

edit: count me in on the 21st April 2018


@karthikeyan5 will wait for another day how many members turns up then we can fix date accordingly insha allah


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Hi @hereabdulla

I am also interested to join the meetup. Kindly set a date and share. Looking forward to meet you all.

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Suggest a Date for Meetup
I suggest 3rd Saturday this April (21.04.2018)


Iā€™m in. Is this the right location?

Welcome S it is the one

Hi @hereabdulla

Time ?

i am interested to meet

yeah you are welcome!!!

what is next meetup date

@Harshal_nirmal not yet planned we can discuss in whatsapp and finalize

you got my number ??