ERPNext Company Link to Purchase Order

Hi, I noticed in ERPNext v5 and above, there is no direct link between the Item, Purchase Order (Receipt and Invoice as well) and the Company anymore. Do we have a standard way to link this in case there are multiple Companies ?


Item is a generic master and shared across the company. If you have separate item for each company, you can insert custom Link field for Company, and set user permissions accordingly.

All the transactions including Purchase Order, Receipt and Invoice as well has Company field in it. In Purchase Order and Invoice, you will find Company field in the very first section of the form, on right side. In Purchase Receipt, check More Info section for it.

If there is only one company in the ERPNext account, then that field is hidden and value in it is set by default. If there are multiple companies, then this field will be editable by the user.

wow thank you! All enquiries are resolved, I just tried to add another company and the field appears on PO form :smiley: