ERPNext concept tutorials

is there tutorials regarding core concepts of erpnext.

since erpnext user interface is good, i do not think there is much need to actually help with user interface.
( i.e. there is no need to teach where to click or what to enter, where to enter etc ).

but usually it is hard to grasp how the process works or where the process currently is.

the flow charts or other such document immensely help to get new comer start working immediately.

is there such resource available ?


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We have help videos for each domain. Also help videos are ordered based on the implementation steps.

Will request you to further elaborate your query. We can support you better for the specific queries.

I really appreciate all the effort for the videos but I am old school is there written documentation ie flow charts on the workflow for ERPNext that I can read digest and analyze?
Specifically right now I am trying to understand the logic of email inbox and how append to flows?

Here is some help in this regards.

Flow chart:

Email Inbox:

I have seen this and have comb through many more documents that give me bits and pieces prior to this post but it doesn’t address the specifics I am looking for how on “append to” flows. I would think in order to be coded there should have been a logic diagram created out there somewhere that drills down on this. What’s the purpose of each default append to in the email account setup, what was it goal and why was it done that way, What is the logic behind each and how does it accomplishes the action. When I change communications for example “Append as communication against this DocType (must have fields, “Status”, “Subject”)” communication does not change in the form leading me to believe these are hard coded in Core?

Currently the default setup requires way to much work for deployment with my customers as they must go in and check email in ERPNext and Outlook our preferred email client. I am trying to gain enough knowledge so that I can fix the synchronization deficiencies with email and accommodate “append to” with out braking it.

I understand the philosophy of doing everything in ERPNext which is one way to do things but in reality the vast majority of my clients work in email with only a few small departments needing access to the full ERPNext suite all the time the rest can function very well via email just checking ERPNext for specific actions. Email has the benefit of real time notifications and responses can be performed and delivered as connectivity is available it also allows them to have one app for both personal and business correspondence. Most of my customers encourage a healthy balance of family and work so personal communication is encouraged. In the mobile realm ERPNext is easy to over look and not check.
Having the ability to pass through ERPNext and trigger actions without having to also log in and clear out email already acted upon in outlook would be a huge plus and my end goal.
Thanks for any input that leads the way to resolution.