ERPNext Conference 2016: Registeration and Call for Presentations

The site for ERPNext Conference 2016 is up:

Please register!

We would also love to have a lot more presentations, but we will have limited time. If you are doing cool work around ERPNext this is an awesome opportunity to showcase your work. Please fill a proposal soon.

Let us know your feedback.


Hello Rushabh.

Is a Video Conference available? We cannot travel to India to attend it.

Please let me know.



+1 for video Conference :smile:

+1 for video conference

If video conference is available. It will be great pleasure for us.

We will upload the videos for sure after the conference. No guarantee on live streaming!

Hi @rmehta

Registered but still not receive any confirmation.

@nagarajan thanks for registering. Sorry need to setup the Email Alert!

Look forward to seeing you :slight_smile:

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I tried to pay for the conference, I got error that International cards are not allowed.
Do you accept other methods like paypal

@kdevloper needs to be fixed for multi-currency. Will fix it tomorrow!

Only people who attend the conference can showcase their work, or can a video be sent to you guys and then you’ll show during the conference?

Please let me know.


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@IAGAdmin Send us a video we would love to show it! Just ensure the video/audio quality is good.

@rmehta I tried out again it did not work. “International card is not allowed.”

Fixed. Try in paying in USD

Hello guys,

I managed to have the travel approved and attend the conference. Is there any chance to present our customisations?

I used Paypal to pay and got an error after completion.

for starters you could post your git repositories (if that’s what you are using) here?

I can’t attend the Conference but would suggest a talk from someone knowledgeable who would show the license (ERPNext being GPL3, frappe = MIT, bench = ?) situation and briefly explain what the differences are and what is legal and what isn’t as per those licenses

@vrms Frappe is a framework that you can use to build apps on, and as most frameworks out their it uses MIT licence. so when you build an app using frappe framework, you own that app and you have the right not to distribute the source code of your app, and also if you want to open source your app you can relicense it under GPL license without violating MIT license.

So basically Frappe by definition is a framework that can be used to build database driven apps, Its like Django, web2py for python, Laravel… for PHP and so on.

Frappe can evolved by itself and things that can be built on it with nothing to do or relate to ErpNext. For example, I can use frappe framework to build a hospital application to admit patient and record their visits… and this application will have nothing to do with ErpNext. So no one will consider using the framework to build his app if he is forced to open source it (see here I’m talking about a completely separate app that has nothing to do with editing the source code of ErpNext App)

Frappe as a framework by itself has a great potential and more app built on it will only drive up its development which in return improve ErpNext app which rely on it. So the goal is to get as much developers as you can to contribute to Frappe framework, and thats will not happen if you force any developer using the app to open source it (again here I am talking about developers who are involved in Erpnext app)

Therefore, changing Frappe framework to a GPL license you basically asking to destroy its potential to be used for great things and build more different application. and you will be only limiting frappe framework for ErpNext use. Its basically a suicide for the farmework outside ErpNext realm

My friend I think you have big misunderstanding between framework and App

So let me break them down for you:

Frappe->Framework-> gives you functions and tool that simplify building business web applications that heavily uses databases. License under MIT So you are not obligated to open source the app you built, and at the same time compatible with GPL licence

ErpNext → web app built using frappe-> it’s the core product of the team and have sophisticated business logic. So the app itself is licensed under GPL license so any edit to its source code it has to open sourced.

Bench-> utility → It helps you setup and manage frappe framework and frappe apps (erpnext is one of them). It’s under GPL license so any edit to its source code it has to be open sourced. and its in everyone interest to open source it because it only makes it more reliable