ERPNext Conference 2016 to be live streamed

Thanks to our 8th Sponsor for the ERPNext Conference 2016, Manqala we will now be live streaming the conference and the developer workshops on our YouTube channel.

Thank you @Chude_Osiegbu for the support !


Great !

That is awesome!

Great news!

That’s really awesome !

… just would like to advise that whoever is producing the broadcast makes sure sound/speaker is being recorded with a direct microphone at the source if the sound and not only the roomsound from where the camera is positioned.

That’ll make a huge difference and nothing is more frustrating then not being able to follow a talk due to audio quality being less then good.

If it helps I’d be happy to have a 1:1 conversation with the person in charge of the recording and provide some advice

Agreed. A clip mic is pretty much esential. They are really cheap these days. I find they work better than a mic on a podium.
Rode make a good one:

Otherwise any eBay job will do :slight_smile: