ERPNext Conference 2017: Call for Presentations and Sponsors

Hi everyone,

Be a part of the ERPNext Conference 2017 and tell us about your most loved features, the work you’ve done on the project and how it helped scale your business. This year, the agenda and the ERPNext Foundation will focus on a broader view of ERPNext, entailing a chance for everyone to pitch in with what they expect from the project.

If you choose to sponsor the event, your company name and logo will be included in all conference communications. Sponsors also get a presentation and 5 complimentary passes for the entire conference!

For presentations and sponsorship, please get in touch with us at

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Do share your thoughts.


Just for information, the email that went out about this listed “” rather than as the response address. So if that is not already created, or aliased to another mailbox, you may want to do that.


me and @kirthi where thinking to put a presentation about using Linux Containers (with LXD) for deploying ERPNext. It’s not 100% decided who could deliver that talk (I’m not going to be able to come to Mumbai unfortunately). I guess this would be good for 20-40 minutes of presentation.

for your reference … How to install ERPNext in a Linux Container (using LXD)? - #12 by kirthi

I’ll keep you posted

Hi @felix,
I have just checked and found that “” is aliased to “”, so we are all good. Anyone can send the email on any one of these emails. Thanks for pointing this out.

@pratu16x7 @ManasSolanki : are there plans for Youtube live of entire 3 days of the conference or Video recording of the conference?

Hi @FinForce ,
We are planning to live stream all the three days. We will keep you notified for any further updates.

@vrms My apologies- I went missing in action the last 2 months. I guess we lost the opportunity to contribute.