ERPNext Conference 2019 in Mumbai - is there a date yet?

Continuing the discussion from Vorbereitung auf die ERPNext-Jahreskonferenz 2019 in Deutschland:

The German Chapter has started to plan an ERPNext Conference in Germany (which could be labelled “ERPNext Conference Europe” just as well I guess).

We are thinking sometime in autumn but do not want to collide with the “Mothership” Conference in India.

So, are there any plans for the date of the Mumbai ERPNext Conference 2019 yet? If not, let’s collude in this and harmonize the dates.


@rmehta @Basawaraj_Savalagi Have plans for dates already. Knowing that early may help us German bean counters to plan a trip to India easier as well.


All previous conferences were in October. I don’t think it will be any different this year. Anyway, let me check with team and confirm soon.


I guess we can fix 1st week October for the main conference. If anyone has other thoughts, please share!


We have finalised the dates! October 16,17 ~ Code Sprint & 18th-19th for the conference !

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