ERPNext Conference 2019 Presentation

Hi All,

ERPNext 2019 conference going on excellent !

Many many useful presentations done by all.

Please ! every presentator is requested to share slides on this post for everyone’s benefit.

Videos editing will take time , so please don’t wait for that :slightly_smiling_face:



Nothing yet? :thinking:

It was indeed a better conference than the past 2 I attended. It feels the quality of conference is maturing as the version of erpnext matures - It is better for everyone.

This is what I shared on day 4 during the unconference time:

  • Topic: CA’s perspective of ERPNext Accounts module
  • Link: Dropbox - Error



I had small presentation about our website built on ERPNext. I did not use slides. Just talked about the amazing features that are built into ERPNext website module.
You can take a look at the website here :
A blog about the website is here Blog


I had a tech-talk on Improving SSH Experience and Security, I hope someone finds it useful.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any queries regarding this.


I had given a tech-talk on Event Streaming in Frappe. This feature is yet to be merged.

Any queries or suggestions related to this are welcomed!


@rucha_mahabal, I missed this presentation and can’t make much out of these slides.

Event Organisers: Please upload the videos as soon as possible.


Hello @rucha_mahabal

I just viewed the document and am still puzzled what it is supposed to do, could you explain this to me?

@jignesh_shah - Still nothing?