ERPNext Conference 2022

There will be no online streaming this year. However the talks will be uploaded on Youtube after some editing. @khushal_t

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hello @Ambareen
when will the conference videos be available ?


At ERPNext Conference 2022, we chatted with a community members, code contributors, partners and customers about their journey, experience and motivation with open source and ERPNext.

Checkout the entire playlist of interviews here -


I would love to see the other sessions during the conference. So far I don’t see any videos uploaded. It would be nice to see those videos while the topic is hot.

They will be uploaded as soon as they are processed :slight_smile:

You can subscribe the channel or bookmark that playlist to get notified.


We are super excited to bring you a few of the amazing talks from Day 1 of ERPNext Conference 2022.

Checkout the entire playlist here -

You can start with the keynote by Rushabh Mehta, on the ‘State of the Frappeverse’ >


It would be wonderful if the videos in the playlist are in the order they happened on the conference day :slight_smile: :pray:. It seems to be in random order now :frowning_face:.

Also, just minor feedback on the videos with slides. Hopefully useful the next time you post more videos of a similar kind.

The slides come into view and disappear in a few seconds. The speaker continues to refer to the contents of the slide, instead, all a viewer can see is “the speaker’s face” :laughing:. It’s mentally painful to scroll back again and again to the slide to make complete sense of what the speaker is saying.

Just my suggestion on how this could be improved:
Show the slide most of the time (with the speaker in PiP) and only show the speaker in fullscreen for durations when the slides are not relevant. (Or) choose layouts that show both for the entire duration of the video.


Could we also get a voice only podcast, so we can listen to these presentations outside of YouTube?

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Yeah, it is frustrating to watch the speakers rather than the slides where the speakers are referring to.

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Most of the day 2 talk videos are out. Checkout the entire playlist here

Don’t miss out on Hussain’s keynote for which he was titled ‘Steve Jobs of Frappe’.


Thanks for this. It is however quite frustrating that on most of the presentations we are unable to actually view what is being presented as the focus is on the presenter e.g. on the Form Builder presentation: Form Builder - Shariq Ansari | ERPNext Conference 2022 - YouTube

We read your comment earlier. Thank you for voicing your concern again.

Unfortunately we have not covered the talk videos as nicely as you expect and currently there are bits of demos missing as the camera was focussed on the person speaking.

Please trust this is the best of the video we could share and make the most of what we could provide you with.


Thanks @PalkanP . I was voicing this so that future improvements can be done on the same. I will make the most of this thanks.

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Hi. You can ask the presenter to share the deck with you. And use it to re-edit the video to insert slides where necessary. Yes it’s a pain to do the work again. However, quality of presentation this time around was top notch.

Worth the efforts to ensure high quality on YouTube.


Instead of re-editing links to decks would be enough.