ERPNext connection through LAN

I’ve successfully installed ERPNext on Ubuntu,
But i can not access through with other pc via
do you have any idea how could i change with IP ?

make your site as default site
so you can use ip instead of
for default site
bench use site-name is a default site, but i can’t use ip instead of

are both device on same network?

If you know the IP of the ERPNext station, then you only need to use http://IP:8000 in the PC browser.

If you aren’t sure, then on the ERPNext machine, type this to get the IP

ip a | grep inet | grep -v 127.0 | grep -v inet6

Is this a development machine or production?
If it is production, then you can change the port to suit your preference.

Another option would be to edit your /etc/hosts file to include the station

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now i am able to access it through your suggestion…
thanks for your support

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