ERPnext contact form on WordPress site

Does anyone know how to add the contact form generated by ERPnext into a WordPress site?

Iā€™m guessing you want to accept data from your WP site and then store it in ERPNext?

@vjFaLk Yes, I want to accept lead/opportunity generation via the contact form.

Can you not jsut create a contact form in Wordpress and add your ERPNExt email address - if you are using ERPNExt to collect your emails?


Hi All,

We have the plugin ready.

it will sync products both ways
orders from woocommerce to erpnext (If COD- it will create sales order and if paid, it will create sales invoice)
customers from woocommerce to erpnext only if the customer has placed an order in woocommerce site.

We can work on your custom requirements as well.

@techyidiots this thread has nothing to do with woocommerce. Please stop spamming your links everywhere the word wordpress appears.