ERPNext Core Module?

Hi All,

I just manage to get my ERP Docker image running in my localhost,

there are a few core module that I wish to try on my localhost…

However I cant seem to find those module,

any help is much appreciated,


Is ERPNext installed? Check on Help - About … Do you see ERPNext installed? Or just Frappe?

Apparently Just Frappe

Thanks for the quick reply…

I find it weird that I only have Frappe Framework install since I’m using the ERPNext overwrite

docker-compose -f .\compose.yaml -f .\overrides\compose.mariadb.yaml -f .\overrides\compose.redis.yaml -f .\overrides\compose.noproxy.yaml -f .\overrides\compose.erpnext.yaml up -d --build

I have no experience with docker & frappe procedures … i can’t help you here!