ERPNext Create New user "request timed out"


ERPNext: v11.1.4 (master)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.4 (master)

Before V11 I was able to create new user but with V11 I am getting request timeout. Other things are working properly, I am able to create employee, expenses, timesheet, journal entries, purchase , sales invoices etc.

Any clues ?


while creating new user, make sure you unchecked the “Send Email” check box. if email is not configured and box checked, you can have these timeout msgs.

I had Send Email unchecked.

Also I do not have email feature enabled

Setup → Email Domain has no records
Setup → Email Accounts has no records

I guess my issue is related to email, any possibility to bypass outgoing emails completely ?

Ended up setting new instance, followed by backup from old and restore on to new.

Really?!? That is kind of scary. That means something didn’t work right in the upgrade process without an indication of error. That does not make one very comfortable trying to upgrade to new version.


while (true) {
  upgrades = stressful;

Agree, do you have any tips ?

“request timed out”

Inspect the logs for details of this message and post what you find for clues

Ha ha ha… best quote here! :+1: :smile: :rofl:

Not really any tips, but maybe a partial explanation about how you may have encountered this. While not an install, the upgrade process is susceptible to the same issues. See here:


I agree with @clarkej. First, you need to learn why the timeout happened. We are assuming email, but without evidence. Definitely should check all the logs. Both ERPNext logs, and O/S logs.

However, what @adnan said concerns me. Is it true that if email is not configured, but “Send Email” is marked, that you receive timeouts? I want to try to duplicate this. The function to send emails should be asynchronous. It should never cause a timeouts. If that’s happening, it’s a bug, and should be logged on GitHub.

Nothing in OS or Application but within webbrowser I noticed this :

Source map error: request failed with status 404
Resource URL: http://<domain>/assets/js/libs.min.js?ver=1550588802.0
Source Map URL:[Learn More]

File is present sites/assets/js/libs.min.js