ERPNext Creating & Trigerring Custom Button Concept...!

Need help in creating or customizing and trigerring button in erpnext…!!!

Give some resources so that I can get that concept easily, I already followed official documentation which i am not able to understand , so please help me out…

Thank You

Yes!! Please tell me requirement in detail.

Hi @mahemudhusain_amafhh,

Thanks for asking

Actually i created a button(named as:- Practise Purpose ACTIONS) in my customize form(Worker Doctype) but don’t know how to trigger to another page.
Need help for that part.

You can check above I have 2 sections (Adding & Hiding) under it.
i need to go to another page if I click to Adding Part or Hiding Part.

Please help me out in this…!!!

Thanking You

Anyone can tell me how to trigger to another page, by clicking to that respective buttons…??

add a script with trigger as fieldname of that specific button and use set_route. there are some advanced functions like mapped_doc as well if u have to get lot of data from current doc to the next doc.

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