ERPNext Customer

Hello Community,

I am surprised to see one of the functionality of erpnext selling.

In Customer, I have created one with “Customer 110” Name. And also link the address of the customer with Address Doctype.

(Customer Doctype)

And Also link with the address.

Now, If I update the name of my customer with “Customer 11011” then this new name does not reflect at any place. There is a same old reference in Address, as well as in contact.


Also same on Address:

So, My concern is if I am updating the name of my customer then why the name does not change in the other places?

Waiting for your reply. :worried:

Thank you.

Hi @Chandresh_Thakkar,

The “name” “Customer 110” is the name of the document, not the name of the user.

It is an unique ID, whereas you can have several customers with the same name.

To change it, just click on “Menu > Rename”

Hope it helps :wink: