ERPNext customization for Australian Tax withholding calculation and BAS Reporting

Thought I’d get the ball rolling with this new Aussie Community and ask if anyone has developed anything around Australian Tax and BAS Reporting.

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Awesome, thanks Tony!

Hey Tony thanks for getting this up! You might like to check out the following repo set up by Owen at Oneiric : GitHub - OneiricIT/australian_accounts

I did some refactoring of it recently Light refactoring by fiedag · Pull Request #2 · OneiricIT/australian_accounts · GitHub

It is not the ATO pink form just yet but it is an excellent start!


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Hi Alex

Can you please let me know how I would go about using this in the cloud hosted version of ERPNext?

I am really struggling to understand how accounts work etc. and trying to set up a dummy customer/payment etc. to see how the software tracks GST.


Hi Porl so just to confirm you are on frappe cloud, correct? I believe there is a way to get this into your FC system if I grant you specific access from within github. Please send your details via PM.

In summary though it simply reports on sales and purchases made with particular tax codes for a given period. There is not a lot of sophistication so should be easy enough to explain.

Kind regards

Hi Alex

Yes, I’m using the ErpNext hosting which I believe is on the Frappe cloud(?). What details do you need? My github username is simply porl.


Hi Everyone! I know these discussions have been running for so long.

We have also been working with 2 of our Australian businesses and they are using Myob for everything accounting and payroll. they have shifted to ERPNext for Sales, Purchase and Inventory Management.

To move them for accounting and payroll, the blockers are GST, BAS, STP and Bank Integration. I am halfway through Bank Integration.

I look forward to building a group of Business Users ready to sponsor a part in building all the compliance level integration into ERPNext.

Looking forward to connecting with everyone at or Whatsapp at +91-8552862114