ERPNext Customization for eCommerce Settlement

We are fairly new to ERPNext forum. We have done some customizations in the mfg module and customization and enhancements for ecommerce domain as well. This post is to seek feedback from the community on the idea of an automated ecommerce settlement system in ERPNext.

In today’s online market place, a number of stakeholders participate in product or service shopping and delivery processes. The Platform providers, Product or Service merchants, Logistics, Payment Providers, Banks and Customers are together engaged in commercial transactions. These transactional processes span across a period of time. Since the processes in such cases are quite complex, the financial settlement of the money transacted is also complex, mostly extending beyond the transactional life cycle itself.

The ecommerce customization was motivated by a need to integrate ERPNext with our own Multi-Party Settlement System (MPSS) – a configurable real-time external Java based engine that receives SO events such as SO Approve (submit), Cancel, Delivery and return-after-delivery from an order processing system (ERPNext) and posts the corresponding accounting transactions in the ERPNext GL. A set of reports provide a complete view of the SO lifecycle event trace & corresponding accounting transactions. The bi-directional integration is achieved via REST APIs

The overall solution includes customization of ERPNext objects such as SO, Journal Entry and GL entry, event hooks and some support tools for batch submission of orders and testing and verification process.