ERPnext customization program?


Sorry for the stupid question. But is there any program that is associated with erp that I can use to put scripts so I can test if first before putting it on our ERPnext? Like netbeans for erpnext that I can debug so I can see the output that I’ve made? Thank you in advance!

@kelscey90 There is no IDE-level way to check for errors caused in ERPNext, however you can tell if there is a syntax error depending on what you’re using.

If you have a production server you don’t want to make changes you, you can make a testing setup on your local which you can use to make changes and test them.

We also have test cases and you can write some yourself which you can run to make sure everything is working as it should.

I hope that helps.

@kelscey90 A good start would be watching video tutorials on how to develop apps using Frappe framework on top of that ERPNext is built.

Developer Tutorials:

Best wishes! :slight_smile: