ERPNext customization with Python and MariaDB

I want to know about the customization of ERPNext through Python and MariaDB scripting.
As ERPnext is built using Frappe framework.

Exactly where to look if I need to create an ERP solution for my client with custom features in an existing module. OR If I need to create a new module and integrate it with an existing one.

I want to host ERPNext custom solution on a cloud based hosting for my client. Please respond as soon as possible.

This is a hard question to answer without understanding what you want to customize, or what sort of custom module your client requires. Download the VirtualBox image, see if the functionality you need is there or what’s missing. Then read the customization tutorial. It’s likely that the sort of customization you need is possible if you’re willing to put in the time to learn the framework. The hosting piece is pretty easy, there are several ready-to-deploy solutions, including Frappe’s own hosting services.

Frappe Custom Module Tutorial
Frappe API

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Thanks Tyler,

I was searching for ERPNext custom module development and I wanted to know the exact method of code level customization if we would require.

The links seem helpful.