ERPNext Database schema

Dear Community Please find attached the Database schema which might help in boosting modules developments for this great platform / solution.


Does anyone how to get this schema for the latest version. Also is there a way to get the links between the tables?
I’m trying to connect SpagoBI to ErpNext to generate dashboards.

You could connect MySQL workbench to database and do a dump.

Also as an additional note you should check out redash it is Python

Thanks but how do to you do a dump? I’ve connected to the DB but can’t find a way to do a dump or view EER diagram is any is available.

there should be a feature in mysql workbench called reverse engineer and that should give you your eer diagram

MySql workbench doen’t work. Reverse eneginering ask me all question but not display ER Diagram. Do you have an ERD yet? Can you help me?

Use to make a diagram. If you can create json out of the existing docfield/custom field doctypes, then you will be able to generate the diagram based on the json.