ERPNext DB data is not showing on child table in production server

I have installed erpnext in production server and start entering the real data. After that I have added some other fields to the child table of a doctype(custom created app and doctype).
And also changed a filed name : ‘total_amount’ to ‘ct_total_amount’. Now both theses fields are there in the database.!!! Field name not updated!

Now the data in the child table is not showing. But it is there in the database.
Only two doc has data in child table. Other docs do not show their child table data.

So, I have changed that field name ‘ct_total_amount’ back to ‘total_amount’ and updated the data in that field. Now ‘total_amount’ has value for all docs and ‘ct_total_amount’ has zero values. I want to retain ‘total_amount’ and remove ‘ct_total_amount’

I dont understand the problem here.
Can anybody help me to sort this out?

did you create the child by script?

hi @johnskywalker

I could find the reason.

The child table name in the doctype is changed. thats why.
I rename that to the name saw in the parent field in its database. Now I can see all data.


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