ERPNext Demo link (Unable to connect)


I tried to view the demo link of ERPNext.

link 1- This link asks for a login. When i tried to signup it keeps on showing that its verifying and doesn’t show the desk.

link 2- When I tried to open this link, it will show the error message as below.

Is there any other link for demo?

Thanks & Regards,

confirm this still isn’t working

Yes, I’ve checked it again. It’s not working.

Tried for same, not working

if you search the forum you’ll see that this problem with the demo (current and beta) not working right is a constant thing. It seem to be a matter of luck to some extent that someone with the access rights and capabilities to fix things is taking care of those.

Therefore I had offered before to become the maintainer of those test instances but did not get any feedback on that yet. It can be that, if those instances are multi tenant sites of the commercial hosting it’s even impossible to maintain those without being a full admin of instances which Frappe Pvt. can not share with anybody outside their company.