ERPNext Detailed Reports

hi there, I’m new to erpnext and I was assigned to those tasks

a - a report to know the indebtedness of each warehouse (indebtedness of every customer to this warehouse)

b - supplier and customer account statement (in details with transactions data)

c - Item movement report (tracking each item selling and supplying)

d - Detailed sales profitability report (for invoices and items)

  • if anyone knows how to start in these tasks I will be thankful, also, I’m not good at coding so if the solution will be in the program GUI customization will be good

I’m not sure about “a”

b - General Ledger Report, Accounts Payable Report, Accounts Receivable Report

c- Stock Ledger Report

d - Gross Profit Report, Delivery Note Trends Report, Sales Invoice Trends Report

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thank you very much, your answer helped me a lot

Hello @mohamedbendary

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There might come a time when you’d like to set up a custom report. For a non-coder this is actually not as daunting as it first appears. Have a look at my tutorial [Tutorial] Script Report / Chart on creating custom reports and charts, specifically written for non-coders. The coding experience from following this tutorial will come in very handy when you start “personalising” ERPNext.