ERPNext develop bench

Hi to all,
I install the bench in developer mode, following the instruction, than I follow the video where it’s explained how to create first app and start our bench

It seems all working, but when i complete the setup, in the web page appare SETUP FAILED Could not start up: Error in Setup Retry.

Where can i see the log to understand where is the error? Or if anyone has some idea about the possible error please can help me?


You command line should show error?

This is my console.

Ani idea about the problem?

bench clear-cache
bench start

No it doesn’t work.

This is the console, before that I launch localhost:8000 in the browser.

again try setup and open browser console to see if there is any specific errors being mentioned

I try to do a new installation in a fresh Ubuntu 16.04.5 desktop installation.

After OS installation I execute the followinf commands like shown in the manual:

apt-get install python-minimal
apt-get install build-essential python-setuptools
python --develop --user frappe

Then I login with the new user frappe, change keyboard and account language to italian. After that i go to the folder /home/frappe/frappe-bench , I didnt’ create a new site this time (like in the you tube example) but i tried to load the deafault site site1.local.

I modify the site_config.json in folder site1.local, adding the developer_mode attribute like that:

“db_name”: “1bd3e0294da19198”,
“db_password”: “iuz4LhScfacgh2nd”,
“developer_mode”: 1

Finally I execute:
bench start

using the url http://localhost:8000 the login page is opened.
After that I follow the setup wizard a loading page with this message is shown.

It remain in this state for some seconds after that the error page is loaded

After rebooting and after 2/3 stop a start bench the setup is end with positive result, but sincerely I don’t understand what was in wrong before, because I don’t modify anything.

At this point I have a question, if I create a new site, when a launch the command bench start it will start both of them?
I mean I create the site as suggested in the youtube video, but when I execute bench start. The site localhost:8000 it works and I can directly login, instead if I write in the browser

Any idea?


Yes it will start all sites.

All bench commands should be run from within the /home/frappe/frappe-bench folder. I have not seen the tutorial video you mention but you are probably best to delete site1.local with
bench --site site1.local drop-site
This will deletes the site and related database. Then create a fresh version with
bench --site site1.local new-site
bench --site site1.local install-app erpnext
bench use site1.local
You should now be able to reload browser and the install wizard should appear.
All websites live in /home/frappe/frappe-bench/sites