ERPNext develop: how to show code changes

I feel like I’m missing something fundamental here.

I have 2 setups currently, a development server and a production server. I have set up a custom app, installed it and it works nicely with Github for pushing changes to the production server. The problem I’m having is that changes to the code do not seem to reflect. The only way I’ve found to consistently see and test my code changes is to run bench update . Otherwise, sometimes it seems to work if I just reload ERPNext.

Currently working on a new Python script that I have saved in my custom app.

What am I doing wrong? Everything else works as I would expect it to.


After pulling changes, in case you have made Database changes such as updated your custom doctype, then after pulling code into your app, you will have to run bench --site site_name migrate

After which you will have to run bench restart --web so that Frappé web worker can start using the latest copy of your python code.

Hope this helps to solve your issue.