ERPNext Developer needed


I am a senior software engineer responsible for implementing ERPNext for a company that operates several businesses. They currently run Quickbooks and ACT! which are not designed for the volume of business they have.

This will be a very complex implementation. To give you an idea of how complex, an official Odoo partner failed to deliver an workable implementation of Odoo here a few months back. An example requirement: two of the companies pull from a common inventory (same product sold as different UPCs).

I am going to need help because of time constraints. You would be assigned discrete tasks from the implementation timeline and expected to estimate time-to-complete and implement within your estimates. Pay would be hourly & negotiated with the company directly.

Send me your linkedin profile or resume if you are interested.

-Paul Cady

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@Paul_Cady please post the job at

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Actually ERPNext can handle 1 barcode per product only, it need to be extended in order to manage multiple barcode per product

Sorry for the incorrect topic post. I will correct.