ERPNext development and production system

Hi all,

I started recently to use and customize ERPNext, now I need to setup two different environment to separate development/test from production. I need to do this to maintain separated the environments and th data into the two enviroments. There is a way to do a transport of new custom doctype and form customization?


@laura yes, the standard way is building apps


Thanks Max.
I have another question, can I duplicate my app and site?


You can duplicate your app easily - the best way is to host it on github / gitlab / etc, and then you can do

bench get-app <appname> <host location>

Then, log into the site that you installed the app for, go to application installer, and install there.

I’ve never duplicated a site so I can’t be of much help there, other than the site is just db, files, and config (plus locks and some other things).