Erpnext docker installation in localhost not working

i tried to install erpnext v14 docker installation in localhost
by both easy install script and by this method

but both methods give 404 page not found error in browser
i followed the steps

$ git clone
$ cd frappe_docker/
$ mkdir ~/gitops
$ echo 'TRAEFIK_DOMAIN=traefik.localhost' > ~/gitops/traefik.env
$ echo '' >> ~/gitops/traefik.env
$ echo 'HASHED_PASSWORD='$(openssl passwd -apr1 Passw0rd | sed 's/\$/\\\$/g') >> ~/gitops/traefik.env
$ vim /etc/hosts  traefik.localhost  erp1.localhost  erp2.localhost
$ docker-compose --project-name traefik --env-file ~/gitops/traefik.env -f overrides/compose.traefik.yaml -f overrides/compose.traefik-ssl.yaml up -d
$ echo "DB_PASSWORD=StrongPassw0rd" > ~/gitops/mariadb.env
$ docker-compose --project-name mariadb --env-file ~/gitops/mariadb.env -f overrides/compose.mariadb-shared.yaml up -d
$ cp example.env ~/gitops/erpnext-one.env
$ sed -i 's/DB_PASSWORD=123/DB_PASSWORD=StrongPassw0rd/g' ~/gitops/erpnext-one.env
$ sed -i 's/DB_HOST=/DB_HOST=mariadb-database/g' ~/gitops/erpnext-one.env
$ sed -i 's/DB_PORT=/DB_PORT=3306/g' ~/gitops/erpnext-one.env
$ sed -i 's/SITES=``/SITES=\`erp1.localhost\`,\`\`/g' ~/gitops/erpnext-one.env
$ echo 'ROUTER=erpnext-one' >> ~/gitops/erpnext-one.env
$ echo "BENCH_NETWORK=erpnext-one" >> ~/gitops/erpnext-one.env
$ docker-compose --project-name erpnext-one --env-file ~/gitops/erpnext-one.env -f compose.yaml -f overrides/compose.redis.yaml -f overrides/compose.multi-bench.yaml   -f overrides/compose.multi-bench-ssl.yaml config > ~/gitops/erpnext-one.yaml
$ docker-compose --project-name erpnext-one -f ~/gitops/erpnext-one.yaml up -d
$ docker-compose --project-name erpnext-one exec backend bench new-site erp1.localhost --no-mariadb-socket --mariadb-root-password StrongPassw0rd --install-app erpnext --admin-password zha123
$ docker-compose --project-name erpnext-one exec backend bench new-site erp2.localhost --no-mariadb-socket --mariadb-root-password StrongPassw0rd --install-app erpnext --admin-password zha123

404 page not found error

anything i am missing in my steps , any hints to resolve the issue