ERPNext Docker Installation require Default User to login

I completed the installation of ERPNext docker (Single Server Example) installation on ubuntu server on AWS. After open the http port the server requests for username and password.

However, throughout the installation I only provided the password for Traefik, MariaDB & ERPNext site. Non of them ask for a username.
I have tried, Administrator, administrator, admin or just empty…etc. and non of it works… If I click cancel then it just goes to “401 Unauthorized”.

what you see is traefik login.

there are multiple subdomain names to be used.

one for traefik, one for erp, you’re trying to access traefik. or you’ve messed up and installed traefik on erp subdomain.

the setup you tried is meant to be used with dns. it will not work based on ip address.

Mostly the hash password you generated is not correct.
Note: when used in docker-compose.yml all dollar signs in the hash need to be doubled for escaping.
To create user:password pair, it’s possible to use this command:
echo $(htpasswd -nB user) | sed -e s/\\$/\\$\\$/g
eg below.

echo $(htpasswd -nB admin) | sed -e s/\\$/\\$\\$/g

Also note that dollar signs should NOT be doubled when they not evaluated (e.g. Ansible docker_container module).

Once the key value pair is generated try replacing the same in the traefik.yaml file the below label

traefik.http.middlewares.admin-auth.basicauth.users:(key value pair generated)

I see, thanks.
I have reinstalled traefik and now it shows “404 page not found” instead.

I think I might need to do some setting to get DNS working correctly?
Since, I simply follows “Single Server Example” exactly, so I only setup a singl site called “”. Are there some simple setup I can do on my AWS server so I can access the “” site use my windows browser point to the server’s IP address?

try the new script from frappe/bench. It will create single site, single server setup. It generates a compose.yml file that you can refer later.

Thanks for you quick response. I will have a try your suggestion of install via and it works very well.
Just one more question for you, when I restart the server all docker services will be ended. Do I restart all services by running docker compose?
docker compose -f frappe-compose.yml up -d

yes. it’ll restart containers.

you can comment out configurator and create-site services from yml so the services don’t restart.

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