ERPNext does not validate when raw materials not issued to supplier for subcontract


I am a newbie to ERPNext and would appreciate any advice on an issue I just encountered. I created an item that is to be subcontracted to a supplier to manufacture. I need to provide a raw material in order for the supplier to do the subcontract work.

I created a BOM with the raw material for the subcontract work. However, when I create a PO and PR, the system does not issue an error even though there was no raw materials issued to the supplier.

I have indicated in the PR that Raw Materials needs to be issued and indicated the relevant Source and Target warehouse. I am not sure why the system is not throwing an error when no raw materials was issued to supplier.

Can anyone help point out my error or anything I have misunderstood.

Thanks in advance for any help!


I managed to solve this issue by doing the following:

  • Goto “Buying Settings”
  • Under “Backflush” set to “BOM”

Hope this helps someone else who faces the same problem.