ERPNext E-commerce Vs. Woocommerce Vs. Shopify (As of V.13.x)

As we are currently migrating to ERPNext, plans are set to automate most of the repetitive work specially when it comes to e-commerce stores. Eventually, we want to have an automated syncing process for items, item description, images, sales order, invoices, payment entry, stock amt, discounted prices, etc… (the more the better).
I’ve read throughout the forum and have seen people facing issues with all integrations, however most of the posts are outdated.
So I have to make a decision on what is the best e-commerce solution to use and my options are, ERPNext E-commerce Vs. Woocommerce Vs. Shopify.

So what do you recommend as of V.13 to be used as an e-commerce solution?

Also some questions I had while researching this;

  • [Woocommerce] People mentioned that Woocommerce connector is better than the built-in ERPNext woo-commerce integration, however the connector supports v12 only, did anyone test this on later versions?
  • [Shopify] What is the difference between the built-in shopify connector and “Ecommerce Integrations” found at the Frappe Marketplace.
  • [ERPNext E-Commerce] How powerful is this solution to replace woo or shopify? Pros & Cons of this?
  • ERPNext E-Commerce
  • Woocommerce Integration
  • Shopify Integration

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Please share your thoughts, experiences and recommendations.

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If I might, I would like to offer another way to think about this…

Knowing that there are at least 3 good options for Ecommerce front ends…

Instead of making a decision based on which one has the most robust connector, think about it from your customer’s perspective. Which front end will let you present your product offering so that you get the best possible value / conversion rate / repeatable sales?

A front end that had a 0.1% better conversion rate would throw off enough cash to easily pay for any development needed to tighten up the connector. (I realize there is no way to calculate that conversion rate ahead of time, but you get the drift…) If your company likes to do promotions or has lots of related products, or any of the other things that come into play with an Ecommerce sale, you should look for a front end that makes that part easier.