ERPNext Easy Install gets stuck after Complete Setup. Help

My case is:

  1. i am installing on a centos 7 minimal box 64bits, 1Gb RAM.
  2. i am intalling easy install.
  3. what i did before install:
    3.1. yum install -y sudo
    3.2. yum install -y epel-release
    3.3. yum update
  4. then as root:
    4.1 wget
    4.2 sudo bash --setup-production

and it runs well, but the wizard setup gets stuck once complete. the “Sit tight while your system is being setup. This may take a few moments.” keeps up.

Kindly someone help.

Did you try again?

Happened to me before, just did a

bench reinstall

After that, I completed the setup wizard correctly

hi, william,
yes, it solved.
however, now the setup was shorter.
has not asked me to add clients, suppliers and products.
also, the main screen has only a few icons: tools, file manager, website, explore.
it seems the erpnext is not install, just frappe.

Happened to me too
what i did is when “Sit tight while your system is being setup. This may take a few moments.” appears i waited for about 5mins.
Opened a new tab in Chrome, Logged in and its now working.

@Fernando_Bender to install erpnext,

bench --site [sitename] install-app erpnext

Hmmm… I will try this out.
You used easy install?

i used easy install

sorry for my late reply.
maybe the scripts were automated since my last try
anyway, by using

sudo bash --setup-production

on a fresh centos7 install on a kvm vps,
enabling firewall pass of http service
i get the nginx test page working
nothing beyond
what am i lacking?
kindly help.

Ok… here we go… i pass that making this:

Edit NGINX config file
sudo nano /etc/nginx/nginx.conf
Comment next lines (OR EDIT FRAPPE CONFIG changing port 80 if the automated process assign 80 port by default)
server {
# listen 80 default_server;
#listen [::]:80 defaul_server;
#server_name _;
#root /;

And Edit User
# user nginx;
user user;

Reload nginx config
sudo nginx -s reload

at this point i get login page working… and if i try to get localhost/desk it shows login page, BUT cant LOGIN!

EDIT: i try Administrator with the password in frappe_passwords.txt but nothing… wrong login message
P/D: this is a double post… helping and requesting help! :slight_smile:
EDIT: [RESOLVED] Wrong PASSWORD - O it`s no 0 (cero)

wonderful! let me try and post here my results.
thanks brother.

user user,

i used:
user frappe;

wonderful! thank you!!!

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Ok. I have finished the setup.
and saw the screen with all the apps installed.
the point is:
once i try to login again, i am unable to see the apps panel.
whether i use the user i created, or Administrator/administrator, once i pass the login screen, i keep stuck at the (E) ErpNext screen.
it remains there as long as i wait.
so… what am i missing?
kindly help.
best regards.
fernando a. bender

i’m having the same problem, i was getting to work on a vm using portproxy from my windows server, in a centos vm. at this point i can open publicIP:port but, i bring up a DNS server, point my domain to the dns and config bind to access www server where the ERPNext it’s hosted.
everithing it’s ok… shows the ERP next default home page, you can access login form, go to desk and there stays…

things i’ve done
for dns www service
change hostname
change /etc/hosts
disable firewalld (thinking this may be, but no)
restart bench