ERPNext Easy Install gets stuck after Complete Setup

@msworld: how have you sovled your problem? Please share what you’ve done. Great thanks.

My case is:

  1. i am installing on a centos 7 minimal box 64bits, 1Gb RAM.
  2. i am intalling easy install.
  3. what i did before install:
    3.1. yum install -y sudo
    3.2. yum install -y epel-release
    3.3. yum update
  4. then as root:
    4.1 wget
    4.2 sudo bash --setup-production

and it runs well, but the wizard setup gets stuck once complete. the “Sit tight while your system is being setup. This may take a few moments.” keeps up.

Kindly someone help.

@Fernando_Bender can you check what do you see in your javascript console?

How do i do this?
I am using ssh for remote connection to the server.