Erpnext education app

i’m getting the same 404 error after installing education app in v14.

Hi @micah,

Because of Interest DocType has in HRMS.

So please install the HRMS app and then check it.

Thank You!

bench get-app education
bench --site install-app education
Is this is what you used?

my apology for posting the wrong screenshot. Here is the correct error message after installing education app using below commands.
bench get-app education
bench --site [mysitename] install-app education
thanks for ur response.

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go to domain setting and tick the education, save, reload, done

after that if you go to assessment group you will find the parent group is undefined, this is deadly bug, which will stop you from making any new assessment group, so the whole education module is useless without it,

Thanks a lot.
This worked perfectly for me

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