ERPNext Education Reference

Is there anyone working on Erpnext education module? I would be happy to connect with them.

We’re using it, though in a heavily customized way.

Can you please share me your linked-in profile?

Hi there,

I’d prefer to keep any discussion here on these forums so others can benefit as well.

I managed to do it at a university
We are on v12 right now but after some time we will upgrade it to v14

Wow it was amazing @nomi-gee . Do you have any reference ya note for the same?

Do you mean the implementation Notes ?? Sorry, I haven’t made any but you can ask for any help.

hey @nomi-gee how you customised all the module in education module and website? i have seen your website it’s pretty good .i have tried to do same on v14 but some module not working well like attendance, Assessment module

for customization, I have used a custom app and custom HTML not using Frappe Web Pages

oh okay and how you integrated all the things?