ErpNext email template with default attachment

The email templates are good, but I cannot create a template with a default attachment. Is this possible?

Hi @Luka_Bradesko,

This is not possible. If we set an attachment in the email template, that attachment becomes static. Therefore, the email template is not useful because the attachment will always be the same when sending emails after any transaction. This is not logical, as each person needs to send attachments in their own way, and it should not be fixed by the email template. However, if you want to send emails manually, you can develop this feature using server script logic.

Yes, for automatic emails attachment do not make sense, but in CRM and Leads management, there are no automatic emais.

This would be very useful in CRM, where one can send email to leads.

  1. Select template, which prepares the attachment as well
  2. User can still de-select the attachment check-box
    This process is manual anyway,

I will look into server scripts - we did not come that far yet.