ERPNext Enterprise Edition

can anyone explain me what is ERPNext Enterprise Edition.
can someone frappe team contact information available.

Hi @Raghvendra_Aditya,

Thank You!

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@Raghvendra_Aditya - ERPNext has only one version, we just provide additional support to enterprises who want to pay for it.

Hi sir as we know that frappe is new in industry and their supports are less as compared to other erp enterprise. So give us reason to implement you frappe/ erpnext sofware is any of company what are future of frappe. can we rely on it ?
if yes also suggest how dynamically it can be modified or can we intigrate python libraries in it or not

As local service provider, I would like to say ERPNext is very stable, especially migrate from old major version is smooth. we have customers running ERPNext smoothly on daily basis over 3 years now.

you can integrate any 3rd party python or js library as you wish.
you can even modify standard function via monkey patches which can survive major version upgrade if the modified standard function not changed that much.

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how can we perform load and other test on it with some sample data or concurrent users?

You can start by creating an account on

How to upload bulk data on cloud?

Do you have an existing instance and wish to migrate the data to FrappeCloud? If yes, then check this out: Migrate an existing site

Additionally, you can reach out to us through this form and our team will get in touch with you.