ERPNext Error On Iphone 6 plus

Hello i use iphone 6 plus then when i login to new update app support for erp V7 but it all way show navbar like the image.
Plz help
anyone have same error like this?

I am not sure how that is an error?

I believe that Le_Ba_Chau is saying that the navbar never closes.

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Cannot replicate. Try to ‘Reload’ from the dropdown menu.

It work fine on iphone 5, iphone 5s but in iphone 6 it alway like the image cannot be close the navbar.
i have try many time to close the app and open again still have error like this.

Yeap you’r right

I tested on Iphone 6 worked fine for me. Click outside the sidebar to close it.


  1. Clearing app data from settings
  2. Uninstall then reinstall

Hi there,

I have found the same problem in an Android 4.X phone (the navbar locks with no way to close it). I also tried to clear Cache and Reinstall the App.

On the other hand, in other Android 5.X phones works well.



Sorry for the issue. I’ll try to fix it.

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Any update or fix on this issue?
I’ve got a couple of users that are experiencing and are unable to use the app.

Seems to work fine on other versions of iPhone as well as Android.


Any updates on this issue? This has become a show-stopper for a couple of our field technicians as it renders ERPNext on their iPhone 6 plus unusable.

I suspect it is a CSS issue for the narrow screen on the iPhone 6, but not entirely sure. I can’t seem to replicate the issue with Firefox Element Inspector in Responsive Design Mode with iPhone 6s or plus as the User-Agent.

If there is anyone that has solved this issue, I’d be grateful for any advice.

Thanks so much!

I don’t have an iPhone 6 Plus so it is a bit difficult to debug this.
I’ve tried replicating it in emulators and cannot replicate the problem.

Can you tell me the iOS version and also Safari version?

Maybe also try using Chrome on iOS as a workaround.

IOS version is 8.1.3

Thanks for looking into this!

I will test this. Thanks for the idea.

@jvantslot, on a side note, the version of OS is more than two years old now, what are the benefits of sticking with it?

It’s not actually my phone, but the president of the company. I’ll talk with him and see if an upgrade is an option.

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I upgraded the phone to IOS 10.3.1 and that fixed the issue!

Thanks so much for the suggestion and following up with me!

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