ERPNext Expenses Doctype

I prefer to book the bills with invoices. Then pay them with invoice payment.
@Monolithon also having a point about this:

And use auto-repeat to repeat them. No need to reinvent the wheel.

And use Expense doctype for the more-cash-basis transactions.
That’s why I prefer to have Expense doctype simple and not having too many fields to fill, let alone having to care line by line. Just do quick and simple.

In my view, this Expense doctype purpose is simply to be the frontend to JE. So non-accounting users don’t have to deal with JE.


Giving Error on install
Installing expense_request…
Updating DocTypes for expense_request: [============= Updating DocTypes for expense_request: [========================== Updating DocTypes for expense_request: [========================================]
bad json: /home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/expense_request/expense_request/fixtures/notification.json
An error occurred while installing expense_request:
No JSON object could be decoded

Hello @Mauriel_Rosero

Thanks for bringing this up. Please try to pull again, I’ve fixed the notifications.json

Thx after delete and install again getting another error, can you please help


Installing expense_request...

An error occurred while installing expense_request:

(u'Module Def', u'Expense Request', IntegrityError(1062, u"Duplicate entry 'Expense Request' for key 'PRIMARY'"))

Lets track issues from github. Thanks for your response!

This is excellent for cash basis transactions. Especially for non profit institutions that only need to expense funds. Good work!

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This is what my organization exactly needs. Strange it has been added yet.

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Remembering one thing: The ability to insert some doc/pics in each line, to attach some receipt would be great.

Better than this, if those files can be printed in the PDF report, would be amazing.

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Hello @adam26d

I would like to thank you for your efforts.

This is such a great idea and contribution. Is the app final now or still under development?

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Maybe a dumb question - is this feature any different than the Employee Expense Claim in V13?, just that one can associate an Employee.

The Expense Claim is for reimbursement to the employee
(employee -> 3rd party, then company -> employee)

The Expense Voucher is for direct payment to third-party
(company -> 3rd party or company -> employee -> 3rd party)


Is it possible to use GL entry instead of Journal Entry on Expense entry approval?

also, on cancellation of expense entry the accounting entries should be reversed and the Status should change to “Cancelled”

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Yes, actually Expense Entry is just a simpler form that creates a JE, you can do it directly. This is more for those who don’t understand debits and credits. Also approval convenience. And Yes cancelling should come eventually.

Thanks for testing

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I saw this checkbox in Accounts Settings, what is the purpose of this?
what happens if this is unticked?
is this feature still in development?

How do I install the script into my ERPNext?

There’s directions (and more details) in the link in the first post on this forum to the Github repository, but this is how to install:

bench get-app
bench --site site-name install-app expense_request
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This App has bugs and shall not work properly.

So it’s not recommended to use this yet? I just need something simple to record utility expenses since my current bookkeeping team isn’t experienced with making JE.

It worked flawlessly on V12. I’ve used it a bit in V13 and haven’t noticed any problems so far. Don’t hold me to it, but I think it’s okay to implement.

This feature is really helpful. Any chance that it might be added to the core soon?
(Using Erpnext on Frappe Cloud.)